Nvidia GM200 Maxwell Flagship Landing This Year, New Kepler GK210 Core Inbound- Claims Research Paper


Today has been a pretty interesting day. We had some major, consecutive updates on the graphics front and even hints of a major surprise from Nvidia. However, folks over at 3d Center (Via Videocardz) have managed to find a research paper that reveals some very interesting things. One of which is that there is a GK 210 core that has yet to be released by Nvidia. One of the authors of the paper is an Nvidia employee so its all official. Oh and Green Officially released the New Quadro Lineup too, but I won't go into detail about that since the PR is available on many Pubs.

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GM200 Delivers 25 GFlops Per Watt, GK 210 Core Appears to be Inbound - Research Paper by Nvidia Employee

So yeah, you though GK 110 was the last Kepler core? Well, sorry to disappoint you but Nvidia seems to be on a roll today and determined to upset the little comforts of life such as common sense. If the research paper is valid, and I see no reason that it might not be, than that would mean this particular Kepler core will be arriving very soon indeed. And from the looks of it it will be more efficient than the GK110. The GM200 is slated to arrive by year end but even though the information is probably legit, keep in mind the general time frame which is either end of 2014 or very early 2015. The GK210 will be most likely featured in Quadro cards but there is a slight possibility that the GK210 might be used in a semi-pro card like the Titan. The actual information about the Nvidia GPUs appears at the end of the Research Paper and its here that we learn of the efficiency of Nvidia Cores and the fact that processing power of GPUs is supposed to be double by 2016. The Nvidia employee in question is Mike Clark, who is an engineer over at Nvidia.

Now I noticed some comments over at VCZ's site saying that this Research Paper could be old etc, but its not. If you would look at the contents of the paper, you will notice that CUDA 6.5 is mentioned. And we know for a fact that the release candidate of the same arrived just recently. Also if you run a citation check on Google Scholar you will see that the research paper cited another paper in 2014. So No, the research paper isn't outdated, and unless an Nvidia Employee had reason to lie, the info can be relied upon. The GK110 has efficiency of 12 GFlops per Watt, the GK210, 14 GFlops per Watt, The GM200, 25 GFlops per Watt and the GP100 35, GFlops per Watt. The GP100 depicts the Pascal core and is queued for early 2016. The GM204 core is already out and Nvidia has released the Quadro lineup. Lastly, I would tell you that I am pretty sure the GK210 wont be making it into gaming cards, but at this point, predicting Nvidia seems to be a pretty stupid move.