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NVIDIA’s Uber Enthusiast 4K GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card Announcement in 6 Days at GDC Confirmed – The Ultimate GeForce Card For Gamers


NVIDIA has a new teaser page posted on GeForce.com and we can confirm that this is for their upcoming enthusiast product, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti will be regarded as the ultimate GeForce product and we have six days before we get the first official look at the high-performance card.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Confirmed Through GeForce Teaser Page - Aims To Deliver The Ultimate GeForce Experience

The GeForce.com teaser page doesn't reveal much, it has a small video that runs in the background. We can note the "Ti" logo in the very first second. The second hint is the "Ti" name used again in the heading that reads "It's Almost Time" where the Ti is bold.

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But that could obviously mean the GeForce GTX 2080 Ti right? Actually, no. This is the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti as found out by Videocardz in the HTML editor view. The site clearly says "GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Countdown" hence confirming that we will finally get an official announcement related to NVIDIA's behemoth card. This announcement also comes a few weeks after NVIDIA was confirmed to host a GeForce GTX Gaming Celebration event at GDC 2017 so I guess there should be no doubt what this event is related to.

The site says that the announcement comes in 6 days. To be specific, it's 6 days and 7 hours (at the time of posting this news). The site also makes use of the hashtag "#UltimateGeForce" which means that the green team is getting ready for a big product launch. So, let's do a bit of speculation in regards to the GPU specs this card is going to have. As mentioned, all the specs are rumors and speculation at this point as a lot has changed over the past few months which we are going to discuss below.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Specifications Speculation

NVIDIA has always launched Titan class products first before their Ti class brothers. All generations saw the same trend, the GTX 780 Ti was released 10 months after the GTX Titan, the GTX 980 Ti was released 3 months after the GTX Titan X and the GeForce GTX Titan X (Pascal) was launched 6 months before the GTX 1080 Ti announcement. We don't know if NVIDIA is actually going to launch the product on 28th of February or just announce it along with a later release date (let's say March 2017). Then it'll be a 7 month difference in between the two cards.

Time duration for these cards release can actually give us a hint at the specifications. The GTX 780 Ti was better in terms of specifications compared to the original Titan and bested it in all possible ways. There was also the launch of R9 290X to factor in. The GTX 980 Ti however was just 3 months apart from its Titan X brother. Also, AMD was to release their product several weeks later and given the earlier GPU performance leaks, they knew that a cut down variant which AIBs had the freedom to experiment with can keep up with the Radeon counterpart. That ended up well, but the GTX 980 Ti wasn't a full chip like the GTX 780 Ti or the GTX Titan X.

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It has been some time since the GTX Titan X (Pascal) launched and AMD is on the verge of unveiling the Radeon Vega cards at GDC 2017. Although launch is later, NVIDIA knows that AMD is stealing away their show in the GPU department. And what else could be a better time to hit back at GDC with a strong GPU product announcement. The belief is that the GTX 1080 Ti can possibly be a fully geared Pascal product rather than a cut down variant since Titan X (P) is last year's best card and the 1080 Ti aims to be 2017's best card from NVIDIA GeForce.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Specifications:

WCCFtechGTX TItan X PascalGTX 1080 TiGTX 1080
Transistors12 Billion12 Billion7.2 Billion
Die Size471mm²471mm²314mm²
Memory Speed10Gbps11Gbps11Gbps
Memory Interface384-bit352-bit256-bit
Memory Bandwidth480GB/s484 GB/s320GB/s
CUDA Cores358435842560
Base Clock14171480 MHz1607
Boost Clock15301583 MHz1730
Price$1200 US$699 US$499 US

So Could You Please Tell Us What Are The Specs of This Card?

Some things I can confirm right now which are a bit too obvious are that this card will be based on GP102 and it will have a really high-price (look at $599-$699 price of GTX 1080). I know, everyone knows this much by now, but there's more. During this whole time frame since the Titan X (P) release and 1080 Ti announcement, NVIDIA made two consumer grade graphics cards announcements. The Quadro GP100 and Quadro P6000. The Quadro GP100 is the first retail consumer product based on the GP100 GPU that comes with 16 GB of HBM2 and a 3584 CUDA Core GP100 GPU. I really don't expect something of this caliber on the GeForce front.

The second one is the Quadro P6000, which is a full GP102 variant with a 250W TDP and 24 GB of G5X memory. It has been available since October 2016, that's four months ago. Benchmarks revealed that this card destroys the GTX Titan X (P). It also managed to break 60+ FPS in 4K Ultra gaming performance and that is from Quadro drivers. Quadro cards are also clocked lower than GeForce cards for optimal efficiency. So, what is holding NVIDIA from releasing the same card for GeForce users? I guess nothing. Sure the P6000 costs a lot but that has been the general trend with Quadro cards.

My belief is that we could possibly see P6000 specs on the 1080 Ti with drivers optimized for AAA gaming and VR. This would be the ideal case for NVIDIA. If not and if NVIDIA is very confident with their card's performance, they can always release a cut down GP102 variant that competes against the Vega 10 GPU. I guess we will find it out in a few days but I will be genuinely surprised if NVIDIA amazes the audience with a full blown GP102 announcement.