NVIDIA’s Flagship Mining GPU, The CMP 170HX, Being Sold For Over $4400 US

NVIDIA's Flagship Mining GPU, The CMP 170HX, Being Sold For Over $4400 US

NVIDIA's flagship mining GPU, the CMP 170HX, which was revealed last month is now listed on sale by Dubai-based retailer, Vipera. The listing is showing the price of the CMP 170HX at $4435 US that puts it almost twice as much as the GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card.

NVIDIA CMP 170HX Mining Graphics Card Goes On Sale At Over $4400 US

NVIDIA's CMP170HX is only available overseas currently and is unknown whether any other markets will see the crypto mining processor since NVIDIA has yet to list it down officially within its CMP lineup. Dubai online retailer Vipera is selling them on their website for $4,500, and claiming to currently have 886 units (1,427 just a day ago) in stock.

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NVIDIA created the Cryptocurrency Mining Processor as an answer for crypto miners to have a dedicated processor for cryptocurrency instead of utilizing the company's Ampere line of Geforce GPUs. The technology that NVIDIA is utilizing is the GA100 silicon and finding a new use for the new card. GA100 silicon utilizes the exact same die that processes data for the highly expensive A100 data center graphics cards. This form of recycling old technology or devices to power and create new devices on the market allows manufacturers to use up any leftover stock sitting in factories for new uses.

The NVIDA CMP 170HX only allows for "70 enabled SMs, amounting to 4,480 CUDA cores." The A100 by NVIDIA has 108 SMs available, equating to about 6,912 CUDA cores which operate at 1140 MHz base and 1410 MHz boost clocks. The CMP card offers performance levels of 164 MH/s when mining for Ethereum. A PCIe 4.0 x 4 connection is all that is required for performance for the CMP 170HX, as well as 8 GB of HBM2e memory. All this onboard for a 4,096-bit interface for memory. The TDP on the CMP card is 250W, utilizing a single 8-pin power connection from the PCIe.

The cryptocurrency mining processor showcases an atypical dual-slot design as found on similar style cards, and allows for passive cooling. NVIDIA's choice for a silver metallic casing is very simple in design, which is not surprising due to the use of the card. The NVIDIA CMP 170HX does not offer any display outputs and "a locked BIOS so overclocking or undervolting" is not capable for this particular line.

NVIDIA is shipping the CMP 170HX with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and is expected to be limited with how much cryptocurrency mining stresses a GPU initially. Graphics card manufacturer Gigabyte offers a similar card design, the CMP 30HX, and only allows for a limited three-month warranty for the same reason.

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Sources: @KOMACHI_ENSAKA (on Twitter), Yahoo! Japan

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