NUDEcnc Has Released Lapping Tools for Intel LGA 1151 CPUs

NUDEcnc has announced the NLAP, which is a lapping tool for the die and IHS of your Intel LGA 1151 CPUs. This tool is used to hold the IHS, as well as the CPU's die securely. This device has a few features that make this device worth every cent. This includes lapping the device, measuring the CPU's die with an IHS thickness of 0.01 mm, and this device features a keyring for easier transportability. The NLAP IHS and DIE are available in a kit for £25.99 (or $28.23) or £15.99 (or $17.37) individually from NUDEcnc's online store.

NUDEcnc's NLAP device is used to hold the CPU's die and the CPU's integrated heat spreader so that advanced users are able to lap both the CPU's IHS as well as the CPU's die.

NUDEcnc's NLAP device is designed for Intel processors that utilize Intel's LGA 1151 socket. The separating of the CPU die and the IHS allows users to precisely lap your processors IHS and CPU die within a resolution of 0.01 mm. This device holds both the IHS and the CPU die in a secure way, which allows users to lap both the IHS of the CPU as well as the CPU die.

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This accuracy of 0.01 mm provided by this device is very useful on the Intel Core i9-9900K, which has a thicker than average CPU die when compared to the previous generation of processors.

Laping is the action of skimming the top layer off your CPU. This action can improve thermal transfer, most users lap the IHS of the CPU, but more advanced users can lap the CPUs die.

On the devices store page, there is a breakdown of how to lap your IHS and how to lap your die, these videos give you a break down on how to correctly use this device without damaging your CPU. Also, on the store page, there is a link to a survey that NUDEcnc wants users to complete stating that this will help them complete the NCore V1 Project.

CPU Laping Warning

CPU laping can improve performance, but the downside of this action is that if the user removes the IHS incorrectly, the user can potentially damage or destroy the CPU.

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