Samsung Creates Dedicated Team for Designing New Display Technologies for Apple

Seems like Samsung and Apple are on some good fraanshiping terms right now! We just saw Samsung taking a cue from Apple's profit strategies and is now apparently dedicating its staff to develop beautiful new displays for the Apple in return.

Samsung Apple working on new display tech:

New report from Bloomberg suggests than Samsung has dedicated a team of 200 employees exclusively to handle Apple's display needs. Formed earlier in April, this team is reportedly responsible for developing new display technologies for Apple and hence is not allowed to share any details with people outside of their team. They will also be responsible for making the sales to Apple.

This exclusive team was formed on April 1st which is also the day when Sammy divided its display department in OLED and LCD units.

While Samsung and Apple may come off as rivals in mobile markets, Samsung earns huge profits out of its display business. Considering the never-ending craze of iPhones and the number of mobile gadgets Apple manages to sell every year, it is not unlikely to see Samsung dedicating its workforce on the task. Samsung is not only responsible for the displays but also have contributed to various other components including memory modules and processing chips.

“The new exclusive team for Apple implies that the relationship between Samsung and Apple has improved,” said Jerry Kang, an analyst at Englewood, Colorado-based researcher IHS Inc. “This also suggests that Samsung Display will win screen orders from Apple, such as for the Apple Watch.” - Bloomberg on Samsung Apple relationship.

Bloomberg sources also claim that Apple is Samsung's biggest customer for company's hardware components with Sammy being responsible for Apple's A9 chip, displays and other components. Of course, Samsung is not the only to handle all these components as Apple keeps multiple suppliers for each component with LG and TSMC being major contenders for display and chipset manufacturing of Apple gadgets, respectively.

Source: Bloomberg

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