November 2018 NPD Registers First Time Ever with Three ‘Home’ Consoles Selling More Than One Million Units Each

march 2019 npd Nintendo Switch vs ps4 vs xbox one

The NPD has published the results of November 2018 sales within the games industry for the United States. Total video game sales are basically the same registered last year with roughly $2.7 billion; hardware sales are up 3%, software sales are down 15% but accessories sales compensate with a 35% increase year-over-year and the all-time high of $503 million in spending.

This is in regards to the month of November, but the NPD data also includes year-to-date sales and they are up 16% compared to 2017. Accessories once again got the biggest jump with an impressive 35% (also an all-time high with $3.5 billion in spending), but yearly hardware and software sales are also up by 14% and 9%, respectively.

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Interestingly, this is the first time ever that three 'home consoles' have sold more than one million units each in the month of November; more than 1.3 million units each, to be precise. Previously three consoles did sell more than one million units in November 2010, but that time one of the three platforms was the handheld Nintendo DS (the other two were the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360).

Moving onto software sales, Red Dead Redemption 2 managed to exceed lifetime sales of its predecessor by nearly 40% in less than two months on the market. Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII remains the best-selling game of the year and the second fastest-selling game in the history of both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, only behind Call of Duty: WWII.

Fallout 76 performed well, too, achieving the fourth place in the chart despite the fact that digital sales aren't counted for Bethesda titles (since they are not part of the Digital Leader Panel). It got the third highest launch month sales in the franchise after Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas, but again, digital sales are much more prevalent now than they were when those two games released, so it's fair to assume the total would be close or even higher.

You may check out the NPD Top 20 chart below.

All Platforms - November 2018 Top 20 Games (Physical and Full Game Digital for publishers in the Digital Leader Panel) ranked on dollar sales

  1. Red Dead Redemption II
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII
  3. Battlefield V
  4. Fallout 76
  5. Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu
  6. Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee
  7. NBA 2K19
  8. Madden NFL 19
  9. Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  10. FIFA 19
  11. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  12. Super Mario Party
  13. Marvel's Spider-Man
  14. Mario Kart 8
  15. WWE 2K19
  16. God of War 2018
  17. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
  18. Just Dance 2019
  19. Grand Theft Auto V
  20. Forza Horizon 4
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