Nostos, the PC and VR Open World Multiplayer Game, Will Launch on December 6th


Remember Nostos, the PC and VR open world multiplayer game we had a beta giveaway for earlier this year? Well, it's now launching on December 6th as confirmed earlier today by NetEase.

Priced $19.99, it'll be available on Steam, Viveport, and Oculus stores. You can check out the non-VR system requirements on the Steam page of the game; the VR requirements are beefier, though, as you'll need a GTX 1060 instead of 1050 to play at Low Quality, a 1080 instead of a 1060 to play at Medium Quality, and a 1080Ti instead of a 1080 in order to play at High Quality.

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Nostos is a cross-platform immersive multiplayer game for VR and PC. It is set in an open world, where you can explore and build your own world-view with your crew. Features of this game include:

Slogan: Immerse into the world

Theme song composed by Emi Evans and Kevin Penkin

Emi Evans --best known for her work on NieR: Automata 

Kevin Penkin -- best known for composing the Crunchyroll Anime Award-winning score of Made in Abyss

  • A huge world view created solely for the full experience of virtual reality
  • Players can be their own rule-- Nostos is a world that will be and be only for you
  • Culture (speaking and writing system)
  • Brand new ecosystem with exotic animals and plants
  • Vivid weather simulator
  • A fully opened world map for players to explore
  • At least 10 hours of various missions to help you create your own world.  
  • Bright and gentle interactive style
  • Relaxing VR gaming experience, that is created by artistic style visual rendering

Cross-platform teaming makes it playable for all.

Nostos is a VR sandbox game that is also compatible with PC, no extra devices are really required for one to experience the world of Nostos.

Explore the unknown in your own world.

About the full version:

  • Each avatar offers a unique storyline and task component.
  • Alongside the campaign mode, exploration mode will be availble.
  • Introducing the Boss battle for extra fun and challenges.
  • Optimized VR operation and combat stimulation
  • Newly added skins and collectable items for task and in-game decoration.
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