Nokia Announces a Legal Battle With Apple for Patent Infringement

Omar Sohail
Nokia vs Apple legal battle

Nokia is all set to take on the California-based tech behemoth Apple in a legal battle. The basis of that legal battle is that Apple was said to be using several products belonging to Nokia without actually paying for it.

Nokia Bringing the Heat to Apple for a Total of 32 Patents Surrounding Software, Chipsets and Several Other Forms of Tech

Ilkka Rahnasto, head of Nokia's patent business, said the following in a statement.

“Through our sustained investment in research and development, Nokia has created or contributed to many of the fundamental technologies used in today's mobile devices, including Apple products. After several years of negotiations trying to reach agreement to cover Apple's use of these patents, we are now taking action to defend our rights.”

According to the executive, Nokia attempted to reach a consensus with Apple but when that resulted in nothing but an impasse, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer has decided to take legal action against the iPhone maker. The complaints have been filed in three German cities and a district court in Texas, and involves a total of 32 patents for the following:

  • Displays
  • User interface
  • Software
  • Antennae
  • Chipsets
  • Video coding

Nokia is now aiming to get back into the smartphone industry with the announcement of several handsets. According to the latest details these devices are expected to be announced during the MWC 2017 trade show. There are varied details revolving around the hardware and features side of these devices, but when 2017 starts, we’ll come close to what the company wants to unveil.

As for the lawsuit, Nokia states that a licensing agreement took place between Apple and the Cupertino tech company back in 2011, but Apple has declined subsequent offers made by Nokia to license other of its patented inventions which are used by many of Apple's products.

Nokia is planning to file further actions in different jurisdictions but hasn’t updated on those details as yet.


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