Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 Specifications and Images Leaked


A big day is coming ahead which will mark the dawning of the sun which has lost its shine over the past years. That’s right folks! Tomorrow is the Nokia World Conference at which we’ll be seeing the once mobile leading company announce a series of new devices which will mark the ‘comeback’ of the Finnish giants. Winrumors has already revealed that tomorrow we’ll be seeing Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia 800 debuted as there images and specs have been leaked, given after the break.

The first one in line is the Nokia Lumia 710 (Sabre) tag lined as ‘designed around you’ will be 12.5mm thick with a 512MB ram and 8GB storage capacity with no SD card support-that means no expandable memory. It will be available in both black and white colors featuring physical buttons instead of the capacitive touch buttons common to all windows phones or is it just a ‘mistake’? We’ll have to wait for that till tomorrow.

The second one Nokia Lumia 800 (Sea Ray) tag lined as ‘continuous entertainment’ will be slightly thinner-12.1mm. It too has a 512MB ram and again no SD card slot. There are no details regarding in built storage.

These leaks might be interesting but I hope that things turn out even better than expected. They are obviously not the boxed Nokia phones and seem to be taken from some sort of a presentation or software. Maybe these specs were that of the proposed Sabre and Sea Ray and have been altered?

Things are not far from being uncovered as Stephen Elop will be unveiling the two handsets tomorrow morning at Nokia World Conference at 0900 (UK Time). Let’s hope for the best!