Nokia flagship Details Emerge With a Very High-End Processor and Unique Lens


There have been lots of leaks related to a Nokia smartphone, but all hints have pointed to a device that will be running a Snapdragon 430. While the company’s previous slide leak has pretty much confirmed that the company is going to try its luck in the smartphone market once more, this latest leak reveal more details about the upcoming phone’s internals, and they are very impressive so far.

Unnamed Nokia Handset Expected to Sport a Snapdragon 820, Along With Various Other Improvements Related to Hardware

According to a source coming out of China, the unnamed Nokia flagship is expected to be announced in two sizes: a 5.2-inch and a 5.5-inch variant, along with a QHD display. It has not been confirmed if both sizes are going to be rocking a QHD panel, but we’ll wait for more information to come through. While we sit here and think about the Snapdragon 820, we can’t help but wonder if Nokia made the right choice when it comes to the chipset.

While specifications do look good on paper, having a powerful SoC inside a device has its advantages. For example, according to Qualcomm, its Snapdragon 821 is powerful enough to render Daydream content, but with both devices expected to be unveiled in 2017, we were expecting the smartphones to come with a Snapdragon 835 or a Snapdragon 830 for that matter.

Regardless, we will have to wait and see what sort of hardware Nokia has chosen for its crown jewel. Like previous handsets, these ones are going to feature Carl Zeiss optics. The name is definitely familiar, but more importantly is the fact that core details such as OIS, aperture value and sensor type are missing from the leak. Having Carl Zeiss optics could mean that the smartphones will be able to perform exceptionally well in low-light conditions, so let us hope that this addition is much more than just a famous name.

Another thing that caught our eye is the fact that the smartphone has been leaked to be waterproof. Manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have claimed that their devices are ‘water-resistant’, but the waterproofing part seems a bit farfetched. At the most, I expect both of the devices to be IP68 certified, which will be able to keep out water while the device has been submerged for 30 minutes while remaining at a height of 1.5 meters.

What did you think of the leak so far? Are you satisfied with the specifications stated about the two Nokia handsets? Tell us your thoughts right away.