Nokia D1C Smartphone Could Be the Second Non-Stock Android Phone to Run Nougat 7.0


Nokia is making a comeback and it plans to do that with the announcement of tablets and smartphones during Q4, 2016. As it so happens, one Nokia phone carrying the model name D1C got its specifications leaked courtesy of AnTuTu, but it is not the high-end phone that we thought it would be, even though it’s been listed as running Android Nougat 7.0.

AnTuTu Specs Listing States the Nokia D1C Will Feature a Snapdragon 430 – Could Only Be the Second Handset Not Running Stock Android to Come Shipped With Android 7.0

If you take a look at the AnTuTu specs, it states ‘Qualcomm 430’ instead of Snapdragon 430, which gives the impression that the chipset present inside might be different. However, the GPU has been listed as Adreno 505, which is the same one present in Snapdragon 430, so that information checks out. Unfortunately, what is disappointing us is that our previous leaks suggested that the devices will come running with a Snapdragon 820, meaning they will belong to the higher tier lineup of phones.

What we’re looking at here is the smartphone belonging to the lower food chain of handsets. However, it should not be assumed that this is the only smartphone that Nokia intends on unveiling later down the road. Now that Microsoft no longer has the Finnish smartphone manufacturer under its thumb, the company is free to do whatever it pleases. Even though the Nokia D1C could be only the second smartphone belonging to the ‘non-stock Android running’ category to run Android Nougat 7.0 (the first being LG V20), my opinion states that the UI should not be heavily customized.

Instead, Nokia should end up adopting something that’s leaning more towards stock Android, while adding a bunch of cool features that don’t really get in your way when you’re trying to do something, much like what OnePlus has done with its own UI. The advantage of this approach will be that the UI is not going to be stressing the available system resources, and you’ll actually have a little more on your plate to play around with compared to the actual phones running pure Android skins.

Nokia is said to release 3-4 smartphones in Q4, 2016 so let us hope that there is still a high-end device present in that list somewhere.