Nokia 9’s Alleged Rear Panel Comes To Light; Shows Glossy Exterior, Dual Camera Setup And Design Similar To Nokia 7


Right now, it looks as if this year's flagship smartphone race is over. We've had an eventful year, that introduced a lot of serious upgrades over its predecessor. We've got 10nm processors, edge to edge displays and even Facial Recognition for top tier gadgets. And, Google's also stepped in the hardware game. Another surprise this year is Nokia's resurgence. The Finnish brand finally gets its footing right in the smartphone world, after being written off by Microsoft. The rumor mill promised a lot of smartphones from Nokia this year. Out of these, it's the flagship offering which shows no sign of an impending launch. The Nokia 9 will be HMD Global's top spec'd smartphone for 2017. Today, another leak for the device comes to light. Take a look below for more.

Latest Nokia 9 Leak Adds More To Rear Dual Camera, Fingerprint Sensor Speculation

Several features are now commonplace in the flagship smartphone world. While a couple of years back fingerprint reading was limited to a few devices, now, every manufacturer offers it. Dual cameras were also a rarity, but now nearly every flagship smartphone features them. Safe to say, the features are a must have for a top level smartphone, especially one from a company that needs to make its mark.

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To that end, we've seen several leaks for the Nokia 9 that promise the features. A detailed review of the device's variant was carried out by a French publication earlier this year. After that, the rumor mill's attention turned towards the Note 8, iPhone 8/X and Google's Pixel 2. Now that we're done with the usual host of gadgets, it's time to ponder about the Nokia 9 once again.

The Nokia 9's alleged back resembles the freshly launched Nokia 7. The Nokia 7 features a similar rear camera cutout, despite having only one lens. However, there's no circular cutout to the main camera cutout as in the image above. This feature alone makes us certain that the image above belongs to the Nokia 9. The additional circle is most likely for the flash, with the fingerprint sensor placed below the dual camera.

Today's leak also corroborates earlier details shared by Onleaks. Yet, while such leaks are well and good, we're still to hear more about the Nokia 9's launch date. Right now, it doesn't look as if the smartphone will be with us this year. The short supply of curved OLED displays is the likely reason. But, if Nokia gets any more late with the smartphone, we'll be in 2018. And then, like the G6, the Nokia 9 will be last year's news. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.


News Source: Weibo