Finalmouse Prototype Leak Shows a Keyboard with Interactable Skins + Its Own CPU and GPU

Ule Lopez

Computer hardware continues to evolve and break new ground as time goes on. NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 cards usher in new levels of performance, like the cards being powerful enough for 13K gaming. Keyboards are no exception; mechanical keyboards, wireless keyboards, and more populate the market healthily. One of the manufacturers in question is Finalmouse.

We're going to discuss a new keyboard model being leaked today, and this one is a doozy. Located online by Jake Lucky on Twitter, accessories manufacturer Finalmouse has an Alpha Prototype in development, with footage circulating online. You can view that video and additional information below.

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Aside from it being a very obvious prototype as of current, the visual detail of the keyboard is something to behold. Skins can be built within Unreal Engine 5 on PC and are completely interactive, displaying on the keyboard’s body (as the video above demonstrates with a preview of fish on the board).

Continuing down the thread reveals more specs about the keyboard by Finalmouse. For one, it has an internally-built GPU and CPU (though those parts’ specifications were not disclosed), a glass module stack that runs at 8khz (with 2k and 4k options), and the ability to take skins from a collection on Steam and swap them onto the keyboard.

This prototype could also very well be Finalmouse’s Freethinking mechanical keyboards project that they announced all the way back in January. You can view that tweet below for context.

Finalmouse’s Twitter also commented that consumers should wait until December 17th (the date in the above tweet) before “speculating too much,” only adding further credence to this leak. You can view that tweet below.

This type of hardware advancement is pretty impressive and begs the question: what hardware will power itself next, like a mouse with similar features? Either way, this story is currently developing, and we’ll continue to update it as more information on it is released to the public.

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