Nokia 6 Is Running a UI That’s Based on CyanogenMod CM14 – Company Going in Same Direction as OnePlus?


The announcement of the first Android-powered Nokia smartphone was definitely a huge one and even though we didn’t get a product outfitted with the latest hardware, it looks like the company saved the best for last. Diving deep into the software bits of the Nokia 6, we have found that the company didn’t make the effort to make its own UI, but is using an interface based on CM14.

Different Nokia Smartphones Could Be Running the Same UI – Might Shift to Its Own Custom UI Just Like OnePlus Down the Road

Before we start bashing the Nokia 6 for running a UI based on CyanogenMod’s CM14 (image via MyDrivers) let us acknowledge the fact that the company isn’t the first to take this step. When OnePlus introduced its One to the smartphone industry, it too was running a ROM based on CyanogenMod and slowly shifted to its own OxygenOS to deliver users a cleaner interface, similar to what you see on stock Android devices.

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This could mean that future Nokia smartphones, particularly the flagship one that’s expected to make an appearance at the MWC 2017 trade show could be running the same UI and down the road, when Nokia gets sufficient smartphone sales, it can start to focus on its own custom UI.

Hopefully, Nokia does go in the same direction as OnePlus when introducing its own UI. With OxygenOS, we got a neat interface that doesn’t really get in the way (similar to stock Android) and offers you slightly more compared to pure Android skins. The flagship phone from the Finnish manufacturer is expected to arrive on February 26, so it will definitely be a nice resurrection of the brand. Let us hope that the price of the high-end phone is such that it can compete with big players such as Samsung and Huawei.