Nokia Teases a February 26 Smartphone Announcement – Will We Finally Get to See a Flagship?

Nokia teases February 26 phone announcement

The announcement of the Nokia 6 made majority of people believe that this was the flagship that everyone was waiting for because to make a proper first impression to the public, smartphone manufacturers often use this strategy. Unfortunately, Nokia had other plans but that certainly does not mean that the company isn’t going to be announcing a high-end product down the road.

Nokia Provides a Teaser of a Flagship Phone – Could More Than Likely Get Announced at MWC 2017

On Nokia’s official Facebook, the company has shown us a cryptic teaser, and it only provides more evidence that the device is going to be powered by the best internals that smartphones can be outfitted with. This would possibly include a Snapdragon 835, a large amount of RAM and internal memory coupled with a beautiful display and of course running the latest version of Android, Nougat 7.0. The advantage of running Nougat 7.0 is that the handset will be compatible with Google’s Daydream platform, allowing users to experience next-generation VR on the upcoming Nokia flagship.

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It also looks like the company’s flagship could be touting its very own virtual assistant as well, which according to a trademark filing will be called Viki. This isn’t the first time what we’ve seen a virtual assistant running on an Android device. Huawei’s curved mobile computing marvel known as the Honor Magic came with its own assistant, and just like this one, it is possible that Viki is a self-learning program and is able to keep up with what the user likes or dislikes and is able to provide them with personal recommendations overtime.

In an earlier FAQ session, the company stated that a Snapdragon 835-running device was in the works and the reason why the current one comes with a low-powered SoC is because it is one that can be used by a majority of users. While the trademark has been filed, we’re not sure how this virtual assistant is going to function.

Are you awaiting the arrival of a Nokia flagship in 2017? Let us know what you think.


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