No Man’s Sky Players Create Worthless Cryptocurrency for Endgame Players

No Man's Sky Galactic Hub

So, cryptocurrency amirite? At one point it looked like it was the future for the metaverse and then everyone decided to scam each other. But hey, that doesn't mean every cryptocurrency project is meant to scam you. A prime example of this is the currency created by No Man's Sky players. A currency that will give a new purpose to the in-game currency.

This new currency is called HubCoin. It's a new cryptocurrency created by members of the No Man's Sky community Galactic Hub. The coin is essentially aimed toward players who are currently at a point in the game where they have effectively transcended the need for the game's built-in currencies but "still desire access to those things which can only be achieved by player activity".

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7101334, Galactic Hub founder, told the following to Waypoint.

There is no resource in No Man's Sky which is both transferable and unable to be duplicated or otherwise gained through exploits; this is why all previous attempts at creating a metagame economy have failed.

End-game players, however, still desire access to those things which can only be achieved by player activity: they want to commission ByteBeat tracks under certain parameters, they want to pay for an artistic canvas in their base, they want a PC player to save-edit a custom fauna companion for them, they want a skilled architect to help design their base or do interior decoration, or maybe they just want the simple convenience of not gathering their own resources.

HubCoin exists on what's known as a "testnet" for Ethereum. In other words, it's a testing environment where everything is basically worthless. That's right, this new cryptocurrency could be yours for $0. Anyways, the cost of this No Man's Sky cryptocurrency is non-existent to pretty much prevent the game from being turned into a moneymaking grind.

HubCoin is essentially earned through activities like posting on the Galactic Hub Discord and subreddit, using the Galactic Hub wiki, posting on Twitter, and taking part in certain in-game events. This, in turn, can be used for purchasing in-game goods and services, betting on Galactic Hub Star League events, or simply shopping in the Hub's marketplace.

For now, only 149 people are holding onto HubCoin. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, the future for HubCoin looks optimistic. It's a stablecoin that's backed by the Galactic Hub's top members who have agreed to use it and give it purpose. And hey, so long as it doesn't try to scam anyone it can be a fun little venture to have, right? No Man's Sky players definitely have a wholesome sense of humor, that much can be said for sure.

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