Nintendo Switch Lite Lacks Hardware To Output Video To TV; Teardown Video Shared

Francesco De Meo
Switch Lite Modchip

Ever since its original announcement, Nintendo made it clear that the Nintendo Switch Lite would not have dock support. As the console, however, features the same hardware of the regular Switch model, many thought that the console would still be able to output video through hacking. This doesn't seem to be the case, as the actual hardware that outputs video has been removed from the new console.

In a fresh teardown video shared by Jonathan Downey, it's been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Lite lacks the hardware required to output video to a TV, so the feature hasn't just been blocked at a software level like some speculated.

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is out today and I wanted to take a look inside the system to see what Nintendo did here to make the system smaller. Nintendo certainly packed a lot of technology into a small system and it's definitely not a system to open up unless you have to. Let's take a look around the Switch Lite and see what's changed.

The teardown doesn't reveal anything else, as the Nintendo Switch Lite does indeed feature pretty much the same hardware of the regular Switch model.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect console for those who like handheld gaming, featuring a great design.

The Switch Lite is a great secondary Switch, though for many the inability to dock to a TV will be an understandable deal-breaker. It's comfortable, aesthetically stylish, and plays games great, but it makes it awkward to play local multiplayer games and without detachable JoyCon it loses loads of existing functionality. A great gift for kids, perfect for those who wish to play a Switch by themselves in handheld mode, but for many, the original model will still be the better choice.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is now available worldwide.

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