I Have the Nicest Rig in all of Wccftech (Contest)

Being fans and owners of PC Gaming Technology, we are a proud bunch. As we should be. Far ahead of the technological curve, we own the most powerful gaming rigs on earth.  Nothing else compares.  Our framerates are high, temperatures low – our multi core, megawatt monsters max out even the most demanding modern titles.  We overclock silicon, cool with water, add speed with lights. We build big, beautiful battle stations.  We upgrade.  Often.  We love our PCs and take pride in their splendor.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we want the world to know:

"I have the Nicest Rig in All of Wccftech"

So do you? Prove it  😀

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This is the Nicest Rig in All of Wccftech Contest!  Come one, come all and submit your entries to the comment section below.  Prove to the occupants of this beautiful round globe that you do in fact have The Nicest Rig in All of Wccftech.

Everyone is a winner…

When they have a chance to show off that of which they are so proud of.  So boast about your beast. Be it a mini machine or a massive monstrosity. Show us your abode – be it a nice, neat nook or a neckbeard’s nest. Let's see what you’re rockin’ while game, bench or just straight Wccftech.

A Bunch of Big Winners.

Though only a few can be Real Winners.

The Nicest Rig in All of Wccftech will consist of a few different categories.

These will include:

-Nicest PC in All of Wccftech (aesthetics)

-Nicest GPU in All of Wccftech (aesthetics)

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-Nicest Battlestation in All of Wccftech (Desk/Room Combo)

-Nicest Budget Rig in All of Wccftech 

*It is possible for one or more categories to be added over time.


The Rules / How to Submit

The rules are very simple:

  1. Take a clear photograph of your rig and/or battlestation with a piece of paper identifying yourself in the same frame.  Write your USERNAME and the DATE on the paper and make sure it is legible in the photo.  Feel free to take many photos for your submission.  Please do be creative.  As long as you don't forget that USERNAME and the DATE.  Any submissions that are not easily identifiable (i.e.: out of focus, poor cropping techniques that are meant to fool the viewer, and submissions without a written USERNAME/DATE) will be disqualified.
  2. In your post to the comment section, please make it clear which category you are submitting to. It’s fine to submit to all 3.
  3. List your specification in the same post if you so desire.
  4. Be kind and upvote rigs, battlestations, and general creativity.  These will not necessary determine a winner, but it is a nice thing to do.

In the End

This is merely a great opportunity to show off and just have a good time.  I'd love to see people be creative with their submissions. Experiment with interesting angles, lighting, post effects, etc.  Start a new narrative here, one of mutual respect and admiration for each other's hard work. Take the time to complement an impressive rig.  Start a civil conversation with a fellow PC Gamer that you've never spoken to before.  Because in the end, this contest is just for fun.  Utilize the opportunity.


Considering the exciting new products that are about to hit the market, I imagine many people will soon suffer from that insatiable hunger for an upgrade.  For this reason, I'd like to keep submissions open for a while. Additionally, lets keep this a fun contest in which everyone gets the opportunity to join in.  Enjoy!






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