Nexus 5 Is Going For Less Than $150 – Killer Price To Experience Stock Android

Nexus 5 Is Going For Less Than $150 – Killer Price To Experience Stock Android

We can agree on one thing; running stock Android on your smartphone is the most fluid experience you can ever hope for from Google’s mobile platform. It is even more exciting to hear that Nexus 5, a Snapdragon 800 powered smartphone, costs less than a Moto X, as you will when you see the deal.


Nexus 5 Costs $139.99 – Check Out The Deal Right Here

Daily Steals has listed the price of the 32GB Nexus 5 model for just $139.99. 32GB is more than sufficient enough for majority of smartphone users and running the purest form of Android means that less bloatware will consume the internal storage of the handset. Since no Nexus device till now sports a MicroSD card expansion slot, you will have to make more effort to make sure that you have ample storage available at your disposal.

Coming to the hardware specifications, Nexus 5 has a 5.0-inch screen that renders a 1080p resolution. According to the hardware details the smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 800 SoC. Nexus 5 also has 2GB of RAM present in it.


One gripe to come from a Nexus 5 is the lack of stellar camera performance. While this particular upgrade started coming from Nexus 6, Nexus 5 possess below par camera quality, even though it happens to feature one of the smoothest operating system experience that you can hope for. Another issue that you might run into is that the device only sports a 2,300mAh cell. However, with the incorporation of an 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, and a Cat.4 LTE modem, you will be able to enjoy blazing fast wireless connectivity.


For its price tag of $139.99, Nexus 5 is definitely a steal, with the obvious perk that you will be able to enjoy stock Android. Do you guys think this is a deal that you would like to purchase? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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