Newegg Requests Customers To Remain Quiet for Breaking Embargo Date & Shipping Intel Alder Lake CPUs Early

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Newegg, the prime online computing store of not only PCs, but peripherals, GPUs, and CPUs, including the brand-new Intel Alder Lake CPU, with a planned release date of November 4th, has recently caught fire for selling the next-gen Intel CPU which does not seem out of the norm considering the launch date is only seven days away & Intel already opened pre-orders yesterday via their retail partners.

Newegg Asks Customers To Stay Silent After Selling & Shipping Them Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs A Week Before Launch

However, the tech e-commerce site has not only sold their initial shipment of Alder Lake CPUs but has also shipped them to customers, breaking the contract and embargo date. It is not a large amount of Intel CPUs, and the practice of mistakenly shipping products ahead of time is not completely out of the ordinary.

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We first caught wind of the Newegg mistake through a Reddit thread, explaining that Intel had started shipping the CPU early to some customers. What is surprising is Newegg is asking those customers to silence themselves so that the online store can "avoid issues." VideoCardz reports that Newegg is "actively calling all customers who have or will be receiving the said CPUs, only to tell them not to share any information related to those orders."

Intel Core i9-12900K & i7-12700K Alder Lake CPUs arrive at the first customers. (Image Credits: NoveltyNetwork):


This particular practice from a seller such as Newegg is surprising. Everyone following news about Intel's newest next-gen 600 series, aka Alder Lake CPUs, has already seen everything from the design, the box art, and the selling prices, among other small leaks here and there. Retailers have not started shipping corresponding motherboards that are compatible with the new Intel CPU, except for those independent reviewers who have fully reviewed the product for the consumers of the world. This means a majority of the people receiving the Intel chip from Newegg will more than likely not be able to test or even utilize the newest CPU until they receive the motherboard compatible with it.

The problem is that Newegg, along with a large majority of sellers, is not to ship the product ahead of time under any circumstances. It is possible that Newegg will be hearing from Intel legal offices soon.

Videocardz has supplied some of the more notable Reddit posts, which we are sharing below, showing the contact between the customer and Newegg.

Getting my 12900K tomorrow, what can’t I post? Just got a phone call from Newegg and the lady said I can’t post anything until 11/4?
— Hyphnx

Just got the same call, and mine just came in about an hour ago. The packaging on the 12900k looks awesome! The 12700k looks a bit mediocre.
— NoveltyNetwork

Just got a voicemail from a lady as well. Told me not to post anything until 11/4 “to avoid any issues”
— discovet11

Source: Reddit, VideoCardz

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