New The Witcher Mod Upscales and Refines All Movies, Cutscenes and Cards to 4K

Aernout van de Velde
the witcher mod 4k upscale movies

A new The Witcher mod upscales all movies, cutscenes, and cards to 4K resolution.

Created by modder ‘Neato’, this project refines and upscales the above-mentioned content using AI-upscaling techniques. It should be noted that only video content is being upscaled, and this mod doesn’t upscale any in-game textures, environments, or models.

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“Since there weren't any complete 4K movie packages available for The Witcher, I decided to make one myself”, the modder writes.

“There are other movie upscale projects for The Witcher, but none are 'complete' and most use bad AI models that lose all sharpness and detail in the process.” Neato adds, “this mod aims to create a 'definitive' version for all cutscenes, cards, and movies in 4K resolution.”

As mentioned by the modder, there are currently three packages available for download, including a 4K Intro + Outro pack, a 4K Game Movie pack, and a 4K cards package.

Those interested can download the separate packages via Nexusmods here.

The first Witcher game from CD Projekt Red was released for PC back in 2007. The game managed to sell over 600.000 copies within three months. Back in October of 2008, CD Projekt Red announced that the game sold over one million copies.

“We created The Witcher with the intent of becoming an acclaimed and successful development studio that always made games for its fans; we spent more than $11 million developing The Witcher and the Enhanced Edition, and it sure is nice to make some of that money back!” said Adam Kicinski, CEO of CD Projekt RED in 2008. “The success of The Witcher has ensured that we’ll be able to make the games we want – and the games that fans want – for the foreseeable future, and the amazing response we had from the gaming community to the Enhanced Edition really reinforced that we’re on the right track with our development philosophy. We really couldn’t have achieved this sort of success without the support of our amazing fans.”

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