New Shenmue 3 Patch 1.04 for PS4 and PC Offers Various Fixes and Allows Players to Skip Initial Conversations

Aernout van de Velde
Shenmue 3 patch 1.04

Shenmue 3 patch 1.04 has been rolled out for both PlayStation 4 and PC and we’ve got you covered with the full release notes.

This new patch offers various general bug fixes alongside some skill adjustments and changes to minigames. In addition, this new patch allows players to skip initial conversations in the game.

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We’ve included the release notes, as supplied by YsNet, down below:

Shenmue Patch 1.04 PS4/PC Release Notes

General Updates

・   Players can now skip initial conversations.

・   Backer content fixes

・ Event control fixes (Fixed issues which stops game progress when multiple events happen simultaneously at certain timings.)

・ Fixed background collisions which makes players get stuck.

・ Fixed certain localization texts.


・ Adjusted balances for certain skills.


・Adjusted the fishing point of the green catfish in Bailu.

・Fixed a bug where the camera cannot be controlled in the lucky hit minigame.

・Adjusted the wage amount per cargo in the forklift minigame.

・Fixed purchase prices of items which were incorrect.


・Other minor bug fixes.

Shenmue 3 is available globally now for PC and PlayStation 4. The title was released back in November of last year. Nathan Birch reviewed the long-awaited Shenmue sequel and gave it, despite its ungraceful combat and lacking quick time events, an 8.

Is Shenmue III dated? Absolutely, but the game proves that, like most genres, open-world adventures still have a thing or two to learn from the past. Shenmue III isn’t always as player-friendly as it could be, but its lively, uniquely-handcrafted world is truly absorbing. Here’s hoping this isn’t the end of Ryo and Yu Suzuki’s epic journey.

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