New Info Leaks on Damian Wayne Batman Game & Suicide Squad

Three months ago, we reported that Warner Bros. had two games in development based on DC Comics characters: Suicide Squad and a Batman game with Damian Wayne as the main character.

We thought they were both poised to be announced at E3 2016, but that didn't happen and now even Gamescom and PAX are gone. Still, all of a sudden new information on both games just got leaked on Neogaf by user Kenzodielocke, whose info has been vetted by the forum's moderators.

According to him, Warner Bros. Montreal (which has over 500 employees and developed Batman: Arkham Origins) is working on both titles, with Rocksteady helping on Suicide Squad, which is apparently a brawler set in a semi open world, inspired by Borderlands and heavily focused on cooperative action. The leaker went on to say that players will have many characters to choose from and these can become more powerful through various tiers of rewards. The game is slated for a 2017 release.

The Batman game is further out, as it was only greenlit last Summer and it's just rolling into production. It's reportedly set in a future where Bruce Wayne is old with a beard, has a walking stick and a harness on his leg.

His role is to mentor Damian Wayne, his son, who is training to become the new Batman. Damian will have a Batbike at his disposal, among other tools.

Many characters will be featured in the game, such as Dick Grayson (with a shaved head), Black Mask (who's a female here), Flamingo, Poison Ivy and an old White Rabbit.

Our take

The rumors are too persistent to be ignored now. Warner Bros. Montreal is definitely working on something and chances are these are the two titles we'll get.

They are both risky pitches, though, with the Suicide Squad movie not performing as well as originally expected and the Batman game sporting a different main character than the Bruce Wayne everyone knows and loves.

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed Batman: Arkham Origins, so I'll be eagerly waiting to see the official reveal of these two projects.

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