Damian Wayne-led Batman & Suicide Squad Games Allegedly in Development

UPDATE: It seems like the rumor originated from blog Byte-Size Impressions first. Thanks for the tip!

ORIGINAL STORY: Even though we're arguably in the Golden Age of comic book adaptations into movies and TV series, for some reason very few games based on comic books have been released in the recent years, with the notable exception of the acclaimed Batman Arkham series.

A new rumor was just shared by French website AddictedToSeries, suggesting that another Batman game is in development. The big twist is apparently that this Batman is not Bruce Wayne, but his son Damian Wayne. There would also be a significant departure in terms of gameplay - for starters, Gotham City would feel more lively due to the presence of the population (unlike the Arkham titles) and due to a proper day/night cycle (which the recent Batman games lacked, as they were invariably set during nighttime).

The rumor also suggests that the Batcycle will be featured in the game alongside the chance to upgrade the Batcave in some ways. But that's not all, because apparently a Suicide Squad game is also being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal (the studio responsible for Batman: Arkham Origins); this would be a third person shooter with co-op. It's not exactly surprising, since the Suicide Squad movie starring Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne and Ben Affleck will be released in August.

Our take

A Damian Wayne-led Batman seems a bit risky, considering that both the TV show Gotham and the DC Cinematic Universe have Bruce Wayne rather than his son. Moreover, even if this game is happening it's likely to be further out given that Batman: Arkham Knight only released last year, not to mention that Warner Bros. might want to use the recently confirmed Batfleck solo movie to boost the game's sales. The developer is also unknown at this point - Rocksteady already confirmed to be done with Batman, at least for the time being.

On the other hand, Warner Bros. Montreal doing a Suicide Squad game makes a lot of sense. First of all, the end of Origins (made by WB Montreal) already teased it with Amanda Waller asking Deathstroke to join the Suicide Squad; moreover, it makes sense that it will be a third person shooter given the type of characters and the fact that Batman: Arkham Origins already had a TPS mode in its multiplayer.

Considering that Origins released in 2013, Suicide Squad could be shown at this year's E3 for a release in the Holiday season or perhaps early next year. Of course, we'll keep you apprised of any news on these rumors.

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