New HTC M7 – Leaks of the handset!


The new HTC M7 has already received a lot of attention till now. There was this speculation of HTC’s new phone being released in CES, but now we know that actually didn’t happen. And as every year we are looking forward to Mobile World Congress next month for M7’s release too along with many other new phones. But here we caught up an image of HTC M7 on the wires online.

HTC M7 photos leaked

According to @Evleaks, who has been spot on in the past when it comes to unannounced devices, this is a render from a start-up video of the highly-awaited new HTC M7. According to details this image is a render from an animation clip meant to showing new users how to insert the SIM card. Voila! No real thingy here, but still at least a little sneak peek.

Rumors suggest that the flagship new HTC M7 will come packed with a 4.7inch 1080p screen, 1.7GHz quad-core processor and Jelly Bean. The phone will be backed by a 2GB of RAM and LTE. M7 will also bring back the goldie old IR port allowing the handset act like a learning remote – means, a universal remote.

HTC M7 looks a lot like iPhone 5 in this render, and according to previous rumors HTC was going to ditch the capacitive buttons too. This image may not have been what everyone had hoped in terms for a leak but it does give confirmations on the previous rumors of design and size.

The lack of design and branding imply that this might not be exactly what HTC expected to debut in MWC, but least it gives an indication of what should be expected from the new HTC M7 phone. The company is presumably hoping to get around the declining fortunes by this handset. We are waiting for Mobile World Congress to see if @evLeaks has been on spot this time around too. But here is a question: do we really want another iPhone-ish phone? Let’s see.