Android in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013

So, the CES 2013 is over which brings us to the evergreen end-of-the-ceremony question “how did Android in CES do”. Did we find any break through devices? Some even cooler handsets? Did the much awaited (and now slipped) Android 4.2.2 made any appearance? Any newer

href="">Galaxy S that you were already eyeing to buy from the big Samsung buddy? The answer is simple, straight N O!

But that is nothing new with CES events. Remember any flashbacks from CES 2012 or even the year before it? Anyways, let’s not be very cynical and put some facts out there from the event.

So, from the list of biggies of Android in CES, Sony tops the list with some major improvements. The number two Android OEM in UK has been trying hard to reach parity with the leading Android manufacturers and has been failing at it too. The unlucky streak seems to have been broken now though. The Sony Xperia Z looks stunning and beautiful and with killer hardware specifications too. The design looks much improved but major upgrade has been Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Project Butter included. Yes, Sony has chipped in the war of Android too, but let’s see if it manages to stand up with leading Android manufacturers.

Talking about the major highlights of Android in CES, the skinniest phone cannot be left behind. We have already talked about the launch of ZTE Grand S. While another Chinese-megashot Huawei launched Ascend D2 this year. Comparing these two devices with Huawei and ZTE’s last year releases does make us a bit happy about the plated up stature of Android in CES.

Alcatel also managed to bring out a 5-inch, 1080p, quad-core smartphone in the market. So the start of 2013 seems like pretty engaging already. But still all the eyes are up at LG and yes, Samsung. No dates are given out by both about their majorly awaited Nexus and Galaxy devices.

Samsung instead showcased an 85-inch chalkboard television while keeping a mull about Galaxy tablets and phones - talk about let downs. Apple and Microsoft already have their own separate launches for any major products, so we can conclude CES is left more for bit not-on-top companies. None of the HTC, LG, Moto or Samsung made any major announcements, releases and launches. So at the end all eyes are set at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, just 6 weeks away!

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