New Open-World Survival Dune Game Reveal Seemingly Teased by Known Leaker

New Open-World Survival Dune Game

From the looks of it, Funcom’s upcoming new open-world survival Dune game might very well be revealed soon.

We know that the Conan Exiles developer is working on a new open-world Dune entry, and we now have a tweet from known leaker ‘The Snitch’ that appears to hint at a reveal of the game. Taking to Twitter, the leaker merely posted an image that’s clearly from Dune, although it was slightly altered.

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No further details were shared, but based on the leaker’s previous tweets (which were all spot-on), an announcement from Funcom about the title appears to be imminent. Chances are that the developer and publisher will share more about the title during Gamescom 2022 next week.

Of course, as with all of these kinds of leaks, take the information above with a pinch of salt for now. Still, ‘The Snitch’ has a solid track record when it comes to leaking announcements – earlier this month, he leaked the Alone in the Dark game announcement, and his God of War Ragnarok and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Remake leaks were also spot on.

Back in 2019, Funcom licensed the Dune IP for gaming adaptions. Some months ago, we covered some concept art, showing a detailed Harkonnen Captain.

Funcom has entered into an exclusive partnership with Legendary Studios to develop games based on the works of Frank Herbert’s DUNE, one of the world’s best known science fiction universes with multiple adaptations into movies, games and other media.

This is a six year partnership to release at least three titles on the PC/Console platforms, with one of the games planned to be in the “Open World Multiplayer” genre that will enter into pre-production in Funcom’s Oslo studio during 2019.

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New Open-World Survival Dune Game Reveal Seemingly Teased by Known Leaker

Entering into this partnership is in line with the company’s strategy of working with strong Intellectual Properties, allowing for two different vast and well known universes – CONAN and DUNE – to be available for the Company’s games.

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