Need for Speed Heat Sets Franchise Record for Most Launch Week Players This Generation


Need for Speed Heat launched earlier this month on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, about two years after the previous installment in the arcade racing series, the much-dreaded Need for Speed Payback.

As it turns out, this time the developers at Ghost Games are enjoying a more positive reception from the community of fans. Earlier today, they revealed Need for Speed Heat to have just set a franchise record for most launch week players in this console generation.

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Nathan just posted our review and it's not exactly a ringing endorsement, though, as you can easily glean from the final summary quoted below.

Need for Speed Heat ditching its predecessor’s heavy-handed microtransactions and live-service nonsense is commendable, but in most other ways, this is actually a step back for the series. The game provides some solid arcade thrills, but a limited map, so-so visuals, slapdash action, and irritating cops weigh the experience down. If you’re desperate for a new open-world racer, Need for Speed Heat may be worth a spin, but most will want to wait until this one hits the used car lot.

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