Need for Speed Unbound Gets Extended Speed Race Gameplay

Alessio Palumbo
Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound is close to launching, and finally, we've got a slightly longer gameplay trailer focused on a Speed Race. You can check it out below.

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The developers also revealed more information about the multiplayer mode, dubbed Lakeshore Online, which supports cross-play.

  • Lakeshore Online supports up to 16 players per server.
  • Race Playlists can be played by up to 8 human players.
  • Parties can be formed with up to 4 players per party.
  • There is no Pause in Lakeshore Online. You can bring up the Menu, but the game will continue.
  • Race Playlists require 2 or more players to kick off.
  • When first booting up, you’ll be prompted to enable Cross-Play. Later on, if you prefer to race with only your platform, you will need to disable Cross-Play in the game settings of the main menu before going into Lakeshore Online.
  • The more you race and win, the more XP you earn (It’s the icon in the top right corner of the screen between your car Tier and your Bank). Check out the Rank Based Challenges - they have the biggest payouts.
  • At launch, Lakeshore Online Free Roam is set to Day time and does not change.
    • However, races in the Meetups’ Race Playlists will have variable weather and time of day.
  • There are no Pinkslip bets or Sidebets in Lakeshore Online at launch.
  • Cops will not be in Lakeshore Online at launch.
  • Takeovers are not present in Lakeshore Online at launch.

Need for Speed Unbound unlocks on November 29th for owners of the Palace Edition and subscribers to EA Play/EA Play Pro, while everyone else will have to wait for December 2nd. You can review the timing of your region in the image above. For more info on the game, check out our detailed roundup article.

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