Mushkin Launches the PILOT-E Series NVMe SSDs

Source: Amazon

Mushkin has announced the updated PILOT-E NVMe M.2 SSDs, that build upon their previously released PILOT family of SSDs. The PILOT-E are offered in the M.2 2280 form-factor and makes use of the PCIe 3.0 interface.

The Mushkin Pilot-E series of SSDs offers a wide array of features

These drives can achieve speeds of up to 3,500 MB/s sequential reads and 3,100 MB/s sequential writes. This lineup of drives offers three drives with varying capacities of 500 GB up to 2 TB in size.

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Source: Amazon
  • Optimal Data Flow
    • This updated series of SSDs are optimized for dependable and reliable data flow, which makes these drives perfect as a Steam Library or as a computer's primary/boot drive.
  • TRIM Support
    • This series of SSDs can utilize TRIM support when the OS also supports it, the TRIM command enables the OS to inform the drive which blocks are no longer needed. It allows the drive to erase blocks ahead of time to make empty blocks available for subsequent writes.
  • Shock-Resistant
    • These drives are designed for reliable function and are shock-resistant. This resistance allows these drives to be incredibly dependable.
  • Silicon Motion™ Controller
    • These drives utilize the Silicon Motion™ Controller, which allows these SSDs to pushes the boundaries of SSD performance, with a state of the art low-power design.
  • MEDS.
    • These drives come with Mushkin's data protection suite
      • Built-in LDPC ECC provides the most-powerful data correction level currently available
      • End-to-end data path protection
      • Data shaping allows for greater endurance of these drives
      • The StaticDataRefresh ensures these drives keep data integrity
      • Global wear-leveling evens program/erase counts across data blocks to extend the lifespan of these drives
      • NVMe deallocate function supported (NVMe Equivalent of TRIM command)
  • Three-Year Warranty
    • The Pilot-E series of SSDs come with Mushkin's three-year warranty, which means these SSDs are quality guaranteed.

These SSDs offer over five times the speed of standard 2.5" SSDs, and the Pilot-E series allows your PC to boot up in seconds, allowing you to instantly access data, load games, open applications, and transfer files. This line up of drives has three models, a 500 GB model, a 1 TB model, and a 2 TB model these drives are currently priced at $74.99, $154.99 and $249.99 respectively.

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