MultiVersus Surpassed 20 Million Players in Less Than a Month


Warner Bros. Games announced yesterday that the free-to-play platform fighter game MultiVersus has surpassed 20 million players in less than a month since its Open Beta launch.

Last week, the game kicked off its first Season with the introduction of a Battle Pass. Over the course of the Season, developer Player First Games plans to add new characters, modes, and other content, such as Morty Smith (Rick and Morty), who will be added to MultiVersus today. Black Adam (DC), Stripe (Gremlins), Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty), and many others will be introduced in the coming months. Season 1 will also add the Classic Arcade and Ranked modes.

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During his Open Beta early access hands-on, Francesco De Meo pointed out the strong potential of MultiVersus while warning of the monetization issues.

MultiVersus has the potential to become one of the most popular platform fighters ever made, thanks to its solid gameplay and great roster, but the game's monetization scheme could have an impact on its popularity in the future, even though the content that matters most, characters can be unlocked for free with some effort. As the game is still in beta, Warner Bros. and Player First Game still have the chance to tweak and improve the system, and I sincerely hope they will. I want to play a fighting game for hundreds of hours to improve my skills, not to unlock more content that should be readily available.

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