MSI To Offer Free of Charge Intel Alder Lake LGA 1700 Retention Kit With MPG CORELIQUID K & MAG CORELIQUID AIO Liquid Coolers

Hassan Mujtaba

MSI has announced that in addition to its MEG CORELIQUID S series, the MPG CORELIQUID K along with MAG CORELIQUID AIO liquid coolers will be getting the LGA 1700 retention kit for Alder Lake Desktop CPUs free of cost through a promo.

MSI Will Let Existing CORELIQUID AIO Liquid Cooler Users Apply For A Free Intel Alder Lake LGA 1700 Redemption Kit Through Promo

The announcement from MSI comes close to the launch of Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPU lineup which is expected to launch in November. MSI recently introduced its latest CORELIQUID S, C, & P series coolers and all three of these lineups will include the LGA 1700 Retention bracket. The older MPG CORELIQUID K and MAG CORELIQUID R series will be the ones getting the brackets as a part of an online promo.

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The list below shows all MSI liquid coolers that are available with Intel  'Alder Lake' LGA 1700 socket redemption:

All existing users of the above-listed CORELIQUID AIO liquid coolers can head over to this page to apply for the mounting upgrade kit, free of charge. According to MSI, The kits emphasize excellent contact pressure and handy adjustment with fixed-strut backplates for both the liquid cooler and motherboard, making installation hassle-free!

Do note that users will be able to apply for the upgrade soon and the promo will last a good few months, starting from 4th November 2021 till 30th April 2022. MSI has provided the following list guidelines to apply:

How to Apply

1. Please submit a web ticket and ask a new question via the MSI Member Center. If you don’t have an MSI membership account, please sign up first.

2. When submitting your web ticket, select the Category: Warranty & Repair Service and Liquid Cooling. And leave the required information:

- My Product, please select the registered product.

- Product Name, please fill out the complete product name.

- Model Name, please fill out the full model name.

- Serial Number, please fill out the product serial number.

- Subject, please fill out “Apply for MAG or MPG CORELIQUID Upgrade Kit”

- Question, please fill out the required series Upgrade Kit, R (E27-7ZW1010-AQ0) or K (OE2-6A03001-AK9) series.

- Proof of Purchase, please upload an invoice with complete purchase information.

3. Please make sure that your Name, Email, Contact Number and Address info are all correct in the MSI Member Center on your My Profile page, we will arrange for shipping using this information.

4. Customers are disqualified from applying if they do not have any registered eligible product models.


The MSI MEG and MPG series of CORELIQUID series coolers really push cooling performance to the next level and feature great looks. The flagship S360 is priced at $279.99 US and the S280 is priced at $249.99 US. MSI did state that the prices for existing coolers will drop a bit in the coming months as we get closer to Intel's Alder Lake launch. We also provided an early look at the performance of the CORELIQUID K-series cooler a while back and the new Silent GALE P12 fans are touted to offer top-notch performance while operating with really low noise output.

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