Intel LGA 1700 & LGA 1800 Socket Design Leaks Out, Designed For Alder Lake & Next-Gen CPUs

Intel LGA 1700 & LGA 1800 Socket Design Leaks Out, Designed For Alder Lake & Next-Gen CPUs

The Intel LGA 1700 & LGA 1800 socket that has been designed for Intel's next-generation CPUs including the upcoming Alder Lake desktop family has leaked out by Igor's Lab. The socket will power at least two generations of CPUs and could be extended to further support the next gen.

Intel LGA 1700 & LGA 1800 Socket Design & Blueprints Leak Out, Will Support Alder Lake & Future Generation CPUs

Update: The Intel LGA 1700 socket connector has been listed over at Taobao as spotted by HXL. As mentioned here, the socket features an asymmetrical design while the retention bracket is slightly larger than the existing LGA 12**/115* sockets. The socket is listed for a price of 35 RMB or $5 US and is only to be sold in bulk.

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The Intel LGA 1700 & LGA 1800 socket cover leaked out last week which showed us one interesting detail, the cover featured labels for both LGA 1700 and LGA 1800 sockets. The LGA 1700 socket will support at least two generations, Alder Lake & Raptor Lake. But we don't know yet what LGA 1800 is designed for. It could be specific to the Xeon-W platform or it could be designed for the very first 7nm processors arriving in 2023 with Meteor Lake though that's just pure speculation.

Intel LGA 1700 / LGA 1800 Socket Diagram (Image Credits: Igor's Lab)


So as for the socket details, Intel is going with an asymmetrical design which poses since the Alder Lake CPUs are no longer square-shaped. The Alder Lake desktop CPUs will come in a 37.5x45.0mm package and will be supported by the 'V0' socket which we know as LGA 1700. The new socket also changes the mounting positions to a 78x78mm grid rather than a 75x75mm grid. The Z-height has also changed to 6.529mm compared to 7.31mm on the previous LGA 12**/115* sockets.

This would lead to two big changes, first of all, CPU coolers will have to be mounted properly over the CPU which needs to be confirmed with the vendor prior to installation, and secondly, new and refreshed mounting brackets need to be shipped by cooler manufacturers for Intel Alder Lake and LGA 1700 support. We have seen MSI already doing this with their upcoming line of MAG AIO liquid coolers so we can expect other manufacturers to do the same.

Intel LGA 1700 / LGA 1800 Socket Mounting (Image Credits: Igor's Lab)


Intel LGA 1700 / LGA 1800 'V0' Socket Details (Credits: Videocardz)

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Intel LGA1700 Socket details
IHS to MB Height (Z-Stack, validated range): 6.529 – 7,532 mm
Thermal Solution Hole Pattern: 78 x 78 mm
Socket Seating Plane Height: 2.7 mm
Maximum Thermal Solution Center of Gravity Height from IHS: 25.4 mm
Static Total Compressive Minimum: 534N (120 lbf), Beginning of Life 356 N (80 lbf)
End of life maximum: 1068 N (240 lbf)
Socket Loading: 80-240 lbf
Dynamic Compressive Maximum: 489.5 N (110 lbf)
Maximum Thermal Solution Mass: 950 gm
Important Note: A Keep In Zone is introduced for LGA17xx-18xx thermal solutions. Two volumes are provided.
The Asymmetric volume provides the maximum available design space. The Symmetric volume
provides for designs to be rotatable on the board. The thermal solution under load should fit within the volume

What's interesting is that the Alder Lake CPUs use an asymmetrical design and while we don't know how the dies will be positioned under the IHS, we do know from AMD Threadripper that CPUs that carry such design require full IHS coverage and that maybe the tricky part when it comes to cooling the brand new Alder Lake CPUs.  So far, we know that Alder Lake will be a monolithic yet hybrid cpu design so it remains to be seen how cooling is handled for these 12th Generation chips.

Intel LGA 1700 / LGA 1800 Socket Contact Pins (Image Credits: Igor's Lab)


As for how the pins would be arranged, the Intel LGA 1700 socket will use a similar 'L' shaped design with two contact areas similar to the existing LGA 1200 socket but only in a much wider compartment since it needs to house 500 more pins. The Intel Alder Lake Desktop CPUs are expected to launch in Q4 2021 and will be the first mainstream consumer platform to utilize PCIe5.0 and DDR5 technologies along with a new hybrid architecture approach, something that Microsoft has optimized for its Windows 11 operating system.

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