MSI Teases Z87 XPower Motherboard With Military Class 4 Components – Features 16 Power Phases


Z87 XPower

Last week, we reported that MSI may possibly be preparing a new overclocking motherboard known as Z87 Xpower. Based on the Z87 chipset, the new motherboard would be part of XPower Series, the MSI series of motherboards build specifically for overclockers and enthusiasts aiming to break the world records.

MSI Z87 XPower - The Big Daddy of Z87 OC Motherboards?

MSI released a teaser video for their upcoming Z87 XPower motherboard at the end of a large X sign was spotted on one of the motherboard's heatsink indicating that a new flagship motherboard launch could be imminent. MSI has been, since then teasing new pictures on their official UK page and just recently did they dropped the bomb by showcasing that the upcoming motherboard would be using their Military Class 4 components which includes SFC's (Super Ferrite Chokes), Black Solid state capacitors and a total of 16 VRM power phases that would deliver unprecedented amount of power and stability to the Haswell CPU core.

Intel's Haswell is already aiming to become one of the most overclockers and enthusiast friendly processors and the MSI Z87 Xpower would truly unleash the potential of the upcoming CPU. Intel is already planning to equip the Haswell core with a while 320 iVR (integrated Voltage regulator) modules while an additional 16 VRM phases would be provided by the motherboard itself. Furthermore, two 8 Pin connectors can be spotted on the board which would immensely enhance the power delivery to the CPU. When i first saw the Gigabyte's overclocking GA-Z87X-OC motherboard, i thought it was great but MSI's Z87 XPower would truly push the barriers.

MSI also posted a second image on their UK facebook page last week, presumably of the same Z87 XPower board which showcases even more features such as the use of Military Class III components such as Super Ferrite Chokes and solid C-Caps. There are a tons of switches near the memory slots which include Power On/Off, OC Genie, Voltage Unlock, Reset and voltage adjustments switches. Voltage measurement points are located right next to them, aside of these we can also spot a blurry image of an OC Switch located right on the top.

MSI is also preparing a new Z87 MPower OC motherboard which was once again teased by them on their Facebook page. The MPower OC branding can be noted by the black and yellow color theme teased inside the photo. The motherboard includes a three PCI-e 3.0 x16 and a few PCI-e x1 3.0 slots along with the addition of an M-Sata slot to support MSATA SSDs or WiFi modules. Compared to the Z87 XPower, the Z87 MPower has lower VRM Phases while the heatsink covers most of the electrical components.

Z87 MPower

MSI sure has one hot lineup getting prepped up for overclockers for the Haswell launch. ASUS and Gigabyte are also teasing their own upcoming Z87 motherboards which would launch in June. A few more teaser of the Z87 XPower can be seen below: