MSI Possibly Preparing Z87 XPower Flagship Motherboard – Teaser Shot and Video Unveiled

MSI may possibly be preparing a new flagship overclocking super board, but this time it won't be based on the Z77 or X79 chipset but instead the upcoming Z87 chipset for Haswell processors known as the Z87 XPower.

MSI Z87 XPower Super Overclocking Motherboard in the works?

MSI Xpower series has seen some of the most impressive motherboards ever produced which includes the likes of Big Bang XPower for X58 and Big Bang XPower II for X79, Looking at how Intel's Haswell would become a great processor for overclockers as indicated during IDF 2013, MSI may possibly be bringing in a new flagship board not for the HEDT platforms but instead the Z87 chip.

The Z87 XPower which if it is, has been teased twice by MSI. A video showcasing a new incoming weapon for overclockers was released by MSI showcasing a new motherboard with a huge glowing X logo on one of its three heatsinks. The video can be see below:

One thing is for sure that MSI just won't go ahead and launch a second Big Bang XPower board for X79 platform or the soon to be outdated Z77 platform even though they did release a whole gaming series lineup for Z77 last month. Since Z87 is new and overclockers friendly, it has to be MSI's choice to prepare a new XPower board for. The glowing X logo if its still included on the final retail model would be a good touch to the overall design of the board. We can see a slight glimpse of the socket which is LGA 1150 and three large heatsinks sitting on top the electrical components. We can spot the VRMs along the middle heatsink.

MSI also posted a second image on their UK facebook page, presumably of the same Z87 XPower board which showcases even more features such as the use of Military Class III components such as Super Ferrite Chokes and solid C-Caps. There are a tons of switches near the memory slots which include Power On/Off, OC Genie, Voltage Unlock, Reset and voltage adjustments switches. Voltage measurement points are located right next to them, aside of these we can also spot a blurry image of an OC Switch located right on the top.

So one thing's for sure that MSI has a overclocking beast of a motherboard which is the Z87 Xpower under their sleeves and in preparation for Haswell's launch in June. It would be amazing to see what kind of new features would the motherboard fully offer to users.

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