OnePlus 3 Touch Latency Problem Is Now a Thing of the Past

OnePlus 3 touch latency fixed

A lot of phones might be similar when it comes to the hardware operating inside of them, but there are lots of fine details given to mobile devices that not only up the score on their design, but also when it comes to providing a pristine experience for the user. OnePlus 3 (in some regions it has been replaced by the OnePlus 3T) is a phone that packs a premium build, affordable pricing, and hardware to go toe-to-toe with other flagship phones, but there were times where some users stated that it lacked quality, particularly on the software side.

Back in 2016, a Developer Called OnePlus 3’s Touch Latency the Worst – Problem Has Been Addressed and Company’s Moving to the Next Issue

Optimizing the UI is a category where even the biggest of flagship smartphone manufacturers have struggled and OnePlus is looking to address those problems as quickly as possible. According to the founder’s Tweet, the touch latency problem has been fixed, with the company jumping to the next issue, which is fixing up the alert slider. For those that are unaware, OnePlus uses its own Oxygen OS, which functions a bit on the stock Android side of things, but it also features the company’s own gamut of features.

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Keep in mind that the aforementioned problem was found on a small number of devices and did not affect the entire OnePlus 3 batch. The developer who claimed that the touch latency was the worst on the Snapdragon 820-powered phone probably experienced rotten luck on that day. Nevertheless, it is great to see that phone companies and their diligent software developers are working round the clock to make sure that the software experience is nothing short of marvelous.

As some of you may also know, both OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T were updated to running Google Assistant, so consumers will not be required to shell out $649 on a Pixel when they can get the same feature on a much cheaper smartphone.

Are you satisfied with the lengths OnePlus is going through to make the software experience enjoyable for all OnePlus 3 owners? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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