MSI announced the Cubi 5, PC so small it could fit in your palm

MSI has announced an industry-first being a palm-sized computer that runs off of the Intel 10th Generation CPU. The possible configurations include up to a 6 core processor and up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. The Cubi 5 has the versatility to be used as both a media PC, productivity, and some photo editing with no issues.

MSI announced the first palm-sized computer that offers an Intel 10th generation laptop CPU

MSI's Cubi 5 has a weight of just 550 grams and has the dimensions of 124×124×53.7mm, this makes this computer the most performance per space used. The Cubi 5 allows for the i3, i5, or the i7 of the Intel's 10th generation to be installed allowing 2 cores, 4 cores, and 6 cores respectively, all of these processors also offer the Intel UHD 630 graphics.

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Some of the other amazing features of this super small form factor PC are two so-DIMM memory slots, which supports up to 64GB of 2666 MHz memory, and amazingly a 2.5 inch bay for an additional drive, besides the M.2 slot that can be used as the boot drive storage.

This computer's CPU is actively cooled which differs from Microsoft's Surface 7, which is passively cooled since this CPU is actively cooled this allows the processor to be able to reach its turbo speed and be able to sustain the speed.

I/O ports that come with the Cubi 5, the back of the device contains two USB 3.2 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, one RJ45 ethernet jack, for display outputs are one port for DisplayPort 1.2 and one port for HDMI 1.4. The front of the device has both a microphone in, headphone in, one USB 3.2 port and one USB 3.2 Type-C port.

The Cubi 5 offers an amazing performance that will allow you to do photo-editing and productivity with ease, I wouldn't suggest this for gamers as the Integrated graphics won't be able to run most games at 60 frames per second with low detail, which will severely hurt your gaming experience.

MSI has already listed this device on its website, but as of now, there is no pricing available at this point. That will decide if this computer is a worthy value to be used as an HTPC or a light photo-editor PC.

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