Moto X Cyber Monday Deal – Tempting but Kills Motorola Servers!

Rafia Shaikh

Were you interested in getting the Moto X Cyber Monday deal from Motorola? Looks like the very popular Cyber Monday deal broke the Motorola servers even before the deal actually started! Sad, right.

Moto X Cyber Monday deal crashes Motorola servers:

"Our website is down due to traffic & we're working quickly to restore it. Watch here for updates & for when our Cyber Monday deal starts." - Motorola official twitter account.

Fans rightfully went all angry when they got to know about this crash. Many of them had woken up this morning earlier to get the hyped Moto X Cyber Monday deal. Motorola is promising to be "working quickly to restore it". Sadly, the quick is not working any quicker.

Moto X Cyber Monday deal:moto x cyber monday deal 2013

This popular Cyber Monday Moto X deal was supposed to be sold with a $150 discount. Motorola advertised to offer this popular smartphone for just $349 - unlocked. With 16-GB storage option, Moto X is available for all carriers including T-Mobile and Sprint.

For the 32GB model, consumer has to only pay $50 extra. Developer edition of both GSM and Verizon with 32GB  storage are on for $399.

High traffic, huge crashes but amazing discounts on the very famous smartphone. Hope that Moto maker site comes back up soon!

Relevant Cyber Monday smartphone deal:

HTC One Max:

Best Buy Cyber Monday deal includes Sprint HTC One Max for $150 giving you a good $100 discount. The standard price of HTC One Max is $250 with Sprint.

Stay connected with this HTC One Max AP902CKT mobile phone, which features an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system and a 5.9" high-definition touch-screen display for ease of use. The UltraPixel camera allows you to capture images with vivid detail.

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