[Updated: Xbox Matchmaking Issues] Monster Hunter World Patch XB1/PS4 Released; Allegedly Fixes Matchmaking Issues and Hunting Horn Bugs


[Update] Capcom has acknowledged that some Xbox One players are still experiencing matchmaking issues following yesterday’s patch, and is currently investigating these issues.

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[Original story] Capcom has released a new Monster Hunter World patch for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Xbox One patch, which updates the game to version, is aimed to fix all matchmaking issues that have been present on Microsoft’s console since last weekend. Whether this patch addresses all of these matchmaking issues is unsure however as players are still reporting connection issues on social media.

On PlayStation 4, the 1.03 Monster Hunter World patch addresses some minor issues, including two bugs with the Hunting Horn, and a rare issue with gathering points and bounties. We’ve included the release notes for the patches on both consoles below:

Major changes for Xbox One:

Fixed all matchmaking functionality issues for Xbox One players, including “Matchmake”, “Filter Search”, “Squad Sessions Session” and “Respond to SOS”.

Major changes for PS4 and Xbox One:

Fixed a rare issue with gathering points and bounties not working correctly; points counter were not updating correctly.

Fixed two issues with the Hunting Horn:

  • Players would sometimes be unable to dodge-cancel while playing an Encore;
  • The initial shockwave blast when playing a song sometimes wouldn’t happen.

Monster Hunter World is available now for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can read our very own review of the game right here. A paragraph from that review has been included below.

Capcom’s first full-fledged Monster Hunter on the latest generation of consoles (with PC to follow later this year) is among one of the strongest sequels to any RPG I’ve ever played. Nearly every quality of life improvement works out in World’s favor and makes the experience more immersive and accessible, rather than trying to dumb it down for a newer audience (I certainly won’t miss trying to knock out a Fatalis with an orange sharpness hammer just because I was an idiot that didn’t bring enough Whetstones). We’re only just in the first month of 2018 and already I can claim that Monster Hunter World might very well be my own personal Game of the Year.