Monster Hunter World Open Beta Dated On PS4; Main Campaign To Last Over 40 Hours


The Monster Hunter World beta will become available to all on PlayStation 4 later this week, Capcom confirmed.

According to the Japanese publisher, the Monster Hunter World open beta, which is being held exclusively on PlayStation 4, will begin on December 22nd and end on December 26th. The beta client will become available for pre-load starting later today. The included content will be the same of the recent closed beta.

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Quests: The beta features 3 quests across 2 environments from the game. In the Ancient Forest, you can hunt a fierce yet beginner-friendly Great Jagras or as a more experienced player confront the mighty threat of an Anjanath. In the Wildspire Waste, a massive, dry expanse with swamplands, you can face off against the intermediate level mud-slinging Barroth.

Rewards: In addition to an unquantifiable amount of fun, complete each quest and you’ll get some useful bonus items in the full game! Just make sure you use the same Sony Entertainment Network account for both the beta and the full game.

Additional Notes: Each quest can be done solo or with up to three other players online, and you’ll be able to choose from 14 different weapon types based on your preferred playstyle, which you can now change during quests at camp. You can even try out each of them before heading out on a quest by visiting the series’ all-new Training Room, included in the beta! Potions and other supplies will be provided on quests during the beta, but you’ll have to fetch your own food and drinks outside the game for those long gameplay sessions.

And one final note – this beta is just a taste for what the quests will look and feel like in the full game. The beta features a game currently in development and some aspects about balance may be different from the full game, but the satisfaction of tracking and bringing down a giant monster you’ll find is all there.

On a related note, additional details on the main campaign have been revealed in a fresh interview with Mein-MMO. According to producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, it will take over 40 hours to complete the story.

Monster Hunter World launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26th. The PC version will launch on a yet to be confirmed date.