Monster Hunter: World Unleashes the Fiery Lunastra in its Latest Free Content Update


Monster Hunter: World is about to drop its latest free content update. As with the game’s first two updates, this one unleashes a powerful Elder Dragon, the fiery Lunastra, as well as new weapons, materials, and more. You can check out a trailer and description for Lunastra, below.

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The Empress of Flame returns with new tricks and unique abilities to challenge even the most seasoned hunters. Not only is she more aggressive than her male companion Teostra, but her capacity to alter the environment around her is unmatched. Stay awake and alert to her burning blue fire at all times if you want to survive.

Teamwork is a powerful tool to conquer any foe in Monster Hunter, however hunters beware, Lunastra has learned this lesson as well. With the ability to fight alongside her mate Teostra and bond with him for devastating attacks, you’ll want to get a full hunting party stocked up on Lifepowders if you want to stand a chance against this power couple.

Of course, rare materials can be harvested from Lunastra to create new weapons and gear. Combine them with a Bazelgeuse Gem to unlock the new defensive “Guts” skill. The Lunastra update also adds the Temporal Mantle item, which will let you automatically evade some powerful attacks.

The following tweaks and changes have also been made:

  • You will now also discover investigations for tempered monsters when hunting a tempered monster or breaking its parts.
  • You can now change armor pigments and layered armor at all item boxes found within Astera (except the Training Area) or the Research Base.
  • It's now easier to successfully pet the Poogie.
  • The camera will not be forcibly moved by Scoutfly guidance when arriving at camp at the start of a quest.
  • The trophy conditions for "Monster Ph.D." were updated to no longer include monsters added in free title updates.
  • With this design change, you can now unlock the trophy by speaking to Ecological Research if you've already maxed out the research levels for the original lineup of monsters.
  • We have made the following changes along with update Ver. 3.00. We apologize for the late notice.
  • When performing the Shoryuken or Hadoken gestures, male characters will now use Ryu's voice from Street Fighter V, while female characters will now use Sakura's voice from Street Fighter V.

Monster Hunter: World is available now on Xbox One and PS4. The Lunastra Update lights things up tomorrow (May 31).