Monster Hunter Rise Won’t Feature Cross-Play or Cross-Save


If you were banking on bringing your Monster Hunter Rise character progression from Switch to PC, or perhaps you just wanted to play with a friend who only plays on PC, it seems you're out of luck. A few hours ago, CAPCOM confirmed in a tweet that cross-play and cross-save functionalities won't be available for Monster Hunter Rise, as the developers looked into implementing them but couldn't do it.

We’ve heard your requests for Cross-Save / Cross-Play for Monster Hunter Rise & Monster Hunter Sunbreak, but unfortunately, after looking into it throughout the development process, we found we are unable to implement it this time. As always, we appreciate your continued feedback and support.

This is presumably for technical reasons, and the wording seems to imply they will keep trying, if not for this game at least for the next Monster Hunter installment.

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As a reminder, Monster Hunter Rise launched earlier this year on Nintendo Switch and it has now shipped over 7.5 million units globally. It's also coming to PC on January 12th, 2022, and then the Sunbreak expansion will be released for both platforms next Summer.

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Despite my overflowing love for Monster Hunter World, I think Monster Hunter Rise might actually overtake it as my favorite original title in the series. The ways that Capcom has streamlined the onboarding and pre-hunt experiences to give players more time to focus on the actual hunt itself show that Capcom wants to respect the player's time, especially when they're trying to get three friends together for an afternoon of hunting. Minus the new Rampage quests and the obligatory few egg delivery quests in the hub, there's nothing about Monster Hunter Rise that I can hate!