Monster Hunter Rise Demo Stuttering Issues Will Not Happen In The Final Game, Capcom Confirms

Francesco De Meo
Monster Hunter Rise

The stuttering issues seen in the current Monster Hunter Rise playable demo will not occur in the final version of the game, Capcom confirmed today.

In a new message shared on the game's Official Japanese Twitter profile, translated by Siliconera, Capcom confirmed that these issues, which occur when too many friends are registered on the user's account, will not happen in the final game.

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For customers using the demo version of Monster Hunter Rise, if the number of registered friends on the user’s account exceeds a certain number, the game will begin to stutter (this is a processing failure).. Please be assured that we have confirmed that this issue does not occur in the full version. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your support


Aside from these stuttering issues, the Monster Hunter Rise playable demo seems to run quite well on the Nintendo Switch, as it rarely dips below 30 FPS, as confirmed by a tech analysis shared last week.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on Nintendo Switch on March 26th. The playable demo now available on the eShop features 4 different quests, local co-op and online co-op that will be available only until February 1st.

The number of times you can start a quest to defeat Osaichi and Tamamitsune is limited to a total of 30. Once the number of quest departures has been reached, all four quests, including the Basic Training and Wyvern Riding Training quests, will become unplayable.

The game can be played within the following conditions and time frame.
Single-player and local multiplayer: Until the remaining quest departure count runs out.
Internet multiplayer: Until the end of the "Monster Hunter Rise DEMO" distribution.

There is no transfer of saved data to the full version.

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