Microsoft Updates Phone App for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft has released a new update to the Phone app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. This Universal Phone app for Windows 10 pushes the version up to 2.12.2002.0 which appears to be a major jump from the previous 1.10.23004.0.

windows 10 phone app

Universal Phone app for Windows 10 gets an update:

The new update brings back the Call Duration feature to the Phone app. Long press on a call in the history and you will see the Call Duration under Details. Users have also reported that when dialing voicemail from a dual-SIM phone, the Phone app no longer asks you to choose which SIM to make the call from. As usual, there is no changelog to confirm what new features or enhancements have been included in the new update.

windows 10 update

Microsoft's universal Phone app for Windows 10 desktop and Mobile enables you to:

  • Make voice and video calls over your cellular network or Wi-Fi.
  • See your Skype call history on your Windows 10 desktop or mobile device.
  • You can also record your phone calls after all the parties on call give the permission for it. Cellular, Voice over LTE, WiFi - all calls can be recorded for playback.
  • Universal Phone app also lets you listen to your voicemail and manage messages from within the Phone app without having to call your voicemail.
  • Easily block unwanted numbers from within the call history.

Except for the Call Duration, there don't seem to be any other major changes in the new update released for the Phone app. There are no design changes made to the app either. Let us know if you discovered something new in the updated Windows 10 Phone app.

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