The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Uses Liquid Hybrid Cooling Making It Effectively Fan-less


Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have managed to add new flavors to the whole table, hybrid and notebook equation. Both of the device come not only with elegant designs but they also feature impressive hardware and performance specifications that should end up stirring the interest of many users. The Surface Pro 4 in particular comes with a unique cooling system according to a source, so lets take a look at what Microsoft's hybrid offers below.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Comes With A Hybrid Cooling Solution

As our tablets, gadgets and notebooks become smaller and more advanced day by day, manufacturers are hard pressed to maintain a couple of critical variables. These include battery performance and cooling, both of which are integral to the performance of any mobile device. We all saw the fate of devices featuring Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 this year, when the SoC failed to provide adequate measures for dissipating heat.

But you shouldn't expect any such problems on the Surface Pro 4 as the device comes with a unique hybrid cooling system we've learned today. The Surface Pro 4 has its cooling mechanism divided in two segments as you can see in the image below. The activation of each segment depends on the amount of work you're carrying out on your device, and for low powered tasks, the Surface Pro 4 becomes a fan less device.

9gQAjctThe Surface Pro 4 comes with a liquid cooling system, that dissipates heat in different areas of the device depending on the usage. The device's cooling system is based on liquid cooling, which means that the processor evaporates a liquid inside a metal tube touching it. This vapor is channeled either to the device's fan or the area under the kickstand for condensation, which depends on the usage of the device at the time.

So unless you're doing some really intensive work on your device, the Surface Pro 4's fan rarely runs, which makes the device effectively fanless for everyday tasks such as web browsing and other activities. It also improves heat dissipation under intensive workloads as the vapor gets sent to two areas this time around. Microsoft's really though about its devices this year and we expect the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 to make a good market impact after they're officially released. You can pre-order one for your self here.