Microsoft Surface Book Comes With 384 CUDA Cores Hinting At GTX 940M


Even though the Microsoft Surface Book is yet to hit the markets, the device has started to become a feature of news pieces increasingly. Microsoft's taken a rather interesting interesting approach with the Surface Book, with the device offering a reasonable mix of top tier performance coupled with a unique design and portability. Speculation is rife on the device's GPU, which according to Microsoft is manufactured by Nvidia, with the company choosing to elaborate little on the matter further.

Microsoft's Surface Book Might Come With Nvidia's GeForce GTX 940M

After we posted earlier that the Microsoft Surface Book might be equipped with a custom Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M GPU, today some fresh information has surfaced which points out to the contrary. Our previous speculation was based on the Surface Book's GPU coming with 1GB of video memory on board, which is in the same category as the 950M.

But today, some tests have been carried out on an alleged dGPU Surface Book, which provide us with some rather disappointing specifications for the device's GPU. According to a source who has managed to open up System Information on Nvidia's control panel on the Surface Book, the notebook is listed with a 64-bit wide GPU, 1024MB of memory and 324 CUDA cores, all of which points to the Nvidia GeForce 940M rather than 950M.

Surface Book 2If this information is correct, then its very likely that the Surface Book is coupled with the GeForce GTX 940M or a special variant of the GPU as Microsoft has been claiming all along. The Surface Book's GPU also comes with a core clock of 984MHz and memory bandwidth of 40GB/s for all those interested. When compared to the GTX 950M, the 940M should prove to be a disappointment for several users since the GPU is far behind in terms of performance when compared to the former.

The Microsoft Surface Book comes with various specifications and features on board that should satisfy a broad array of users. You can choose from storage options starting from 128GB and ending at 1TB, RAM options stretching to a massive 16GB and processor options ranging to Intel's Core i7. However if you're looking for all that extra storage then you're going to have to go for the Core i7 variant complete with the dGPU, since Microsoft hasn't differentiated its device on such a broad level. Disappointed with the 940M on the Surface Book? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for more.