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Report: Microsoft Sells 1 Million Xbox One Consoles In November; Toe-to-Toe With PS4


Microsoft has allegedly shifted 1 million Xbox One console this November according to industry sources.

While Sony’s PlayStation 4 console outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One for the November month, the difference between the consoles was minimal according to a report from Windowscentral.

Windowscentral reports that they were provided hard sales numbers from industry sources that receive NPD figures. Based on these numbers, Microsoft allegedly shifted 1 million Xbox One consoles during November, while Sony shifted 1.1 million – a small difference.

Our trusted source informed us that Microsoft shifted 1 million Xbox One units during November, which enjoyed some steep Black Friday discounts. Sony launched the beefed up PS4 Pro during this month, yet the PlayStation family only managed to outpace the Xbox One by 100,000 units at 1.1 million. Additionally, PlayStation VR which now competes with Windows-based VR solutions managed to sell roughly 68,000 units in the same month.

As reported earlier, PS4 sales for the November month included PS4 Pro sales which has been selling very well. Official sales figures from Sony and Microsoft are absent, though Microsoft’s Xbox marketing executive, Mike Nichols, confirmed that the hunger for both consoles was real.

“We have seen strong momentum for Xbox One since announcing the new Xbox One S at E3 in June,” Nichols said. “That momentum continued in November as gaming consoles were once again among the most sought-after products to buy over Black Friday weekend. In addition, we saw record engagement among Xbox One owners on Xbox Live as fans enjoyed new games and great deals. In fact, the total players online on Sunday, November 27 was up 40 percent compared to last year.”