Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Speaks About Company’s Future Involving Mobile, Windows 10, HoloLens And Much More

Software giant Microsoft might have achieved its goal of securing its dominance in the desktop and laptop operating system market share, but the company still has a long way to go in other categories, particularly mobile, and advancement in other tech. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently gave an interview in which he spoke on how the company is going to focus on mobile, Windows 10, HoloLens and several other categories.

Microsoft Executive Speaks About How It Plans To Change The Mobile Landscape Of Windows Phones

According to ZDNet, Nadella was speaking about how the software behemoth was going to change its approach for mobile platforms. The executive acknowledges that the company believed that PCs were thought to be the machines of tomorrow, but looking at that decision, we have to say that the firm has suffered thoroughly through the proliferation of smartphone sales running operating systems other than Windows. In order to change this approach, the CEO stated the following:

“If anything, one big mistake we made in our past was to think of the PC as the hub for everything for all time to come. And today, of course, the high volume device is the six-inch phone. I acknowledge that. But to think that that's what the future is for all time to come would be to make the same mistake we made in the past without even having the share position of the past. So that would be madness.

So when I think about our Windows Phone, I want it to stand for something like Continuum. When I say, wow, that's an interesting approach where you can have a phone and that same phone, because of our universal platform with Continuum, and can, in fact, be a desktop. That is not something any other phone operating system or device can do. And that's what I want our devices and device innovation to stand for.”

In short, the CEO of Microsoft is attempting to deliver the exact same experience on mobile devices as users experience on desktop machines.

“That's why whenever I talk about Windows 10, I talk about mobility broadly across all of those devices. For sure there is a form factor today which is the below six or seven inches, which is powered by a very specific operating system instance of Windows 10, which is Windows Mobile. But what do you call that (device) when you use Continuum and then you're using applications on a big screen with a mouse and keyboard? It's Windows 10.”

Microsoft Might Be In Talks With Google Over Strengthening The Windows Phone Platform

When Nadella was asked if he believes that Google will be ready to start developing applications for Windows 10, the executive replies that:

“Would love to. It's for them to decide. I would love for them to have YouTube on Windows Phones. I would love for them to do their best work like they have with Chrome on Windows.”

While Android holds the largest mobile operating system market share, Microsoft has made its apps available on Google Play, so as part of a mutual business relationship being reciprocated by Google, we are sure that somewhere down the line, the advertising tech giant will most likely be returning the favor and start developing applications for Windows. Additionally, Nadella also wants developers to come to side of HoloLens. We will have to see who this pans out in the future.

Rumor has it that the CEO of Microsoft might be using Lumia Talkman, since the interview asked a question stating that he might be using that particular phone very soon. While Nadella denied saying that, it appears that we are close to seeing a flagship Windows Phone very soon. Windows Mobile has been under severe criticism for not hosting a large number of applications like Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. Nadella stated that he plans to change all that by looking to recruit as many developers as possible for not just Windows Phone, but HoloLens, and Xbox as well.

Right now, the company’s primary focus is to release its ‘unified interface’ operating system Windows 10, which is going to be officially launched for tablets and PCs on July 29. For smartphones however, the release date will most likely be taking place during the month of September. Like always, we will be keeping you updated with the latest news that so stay tuned for more details.



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