Apple’s Progress in microLED Technology Breakthrough Reveals the Company Is Reportedly Building a Third Plant in Taiwan

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MicroLED Technology Progress Has Apple Reportedly Making a Third Plant in Taiwan

A significant number of manufacturers are launching premium devices with OLED screens thanks to their obvious benefits over LCD. However, there’s little development in the smartphone space when it comes to microLED technology and that most likely has to do with mounting costs and production complications, despite the fact that this tech resonates a lot of benefits. According to a new report, Apple appears to be making big moves when it comes to the development of this technology, having applied for 30 patents earlier, most likely to attain an upper hand against the likes of Samsung.

Advanced microLED Technology May Debut on Apple Watch First Before Being Introduced to the iPhone

Since it took over the startup LuxVue back in 2014, the Cupertino giant has apparently seen ups and downs but if a new report is to go by, the company has made a breakthrough in microLED technology. This would perhaps explain why the company is building its third plant in Taiwan, which local media says will be completed by December 2019. Looking at the timeline, it appears that the company has finally scaled through the manufacturing hurdles of the new display technology and wants to get the plant established as early as possible.

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This will enable the company to launch products with microLED technology. Since the Apple Watch was the first from the company to debut with an OLED screen, it’s possible the same product iteration features microLED down the road, and according to a previous report, Foxconn has reportedly increased investment when it comes to the development of this technology. According to one estimate, Apple has spent $1.5-2 billion on microLEDs over the last five years. By improving the technology, Apple can outshine competitors like Samsung, LG, AOU, and Innolux, and reduce its reliance on them for display orders.

The new plant dedicated to microLED technology is apparently nearby the company’s other facility in Longterm, with TSMC’s factory is also nearby. Apple was earlier reported to be working with TSMC to deal with some microLED production problems it had encountered in the past. Apple’s recent work is apparently focused on emissive inorganic semiconductor-based microLEDs. The new displays will use glass substrates with thin-film transistors (TFTs) for controlling the transmission of the backlight.

As for future iPhones, it might take a while before they feature microLED screens. For now, a previous report states that Apple is working to bring LTPO displays in future handsets, leading to better battery life. These aren’t microLED but it’s still a major improvement when it comes to conserving battery.

As a reminder, Apple will most likely take its sweet time to bring microLED technology to consumers, so it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a product from the tech giant bearing a new display next year. Regardless, we’ll keep you updated on the latest. Also, you can check out how microLED and OLED technologies differ in our comprehensive comparison.

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