Xiaomi’s Upcoming Tablet Images Leaked; Mi Pad 2 In Tow?


After Xiaomi announced its Redmi Note 2, a handset running MediaTek Helio X10 for a starting price of $125, the Chinese tech sensation will be capitalizing on the mobile market with the release of its Mi Pad 2. While we have heard very little from Xiaomi concerning its flagship slate, it looks like it will not be long till we will finally have a successor of Mi Pad announced very soon.

Mi Pad 2 Images Leaked, Could Be Running Windows 10 Instead Of Android

The latest images leak comes all the way from China, and it shows what appears to be Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. From what we call tell from the images, the tablet is going to be much larger compared to Mi Pad, which has a screen size of 7.9 inches. While the following has not been confirmed, we suspect that Mi Pad 2 is going to have a screen size of 10 inches, which will place it in a direct skirmish with the likes of Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Another difference that will be separating Mi Pad and Mi Pad 2 is that the latter could be running Windows 10. We came across a highly affordable Chinese tablet running Windows 10 and in case you forgot, it was Taipan X98 Pro. The slate was stamped with a price tag of $220, so we expect that Mi Pad 2 will also feature the same price. One of the reasons why we believe that the upcoming tablet will be running Windows 10 is because Microsoft was already testing out Windows 10 on Xiaomi handsets.

Android might be reigning supreme in terms of market share, but the platform is running in too many handsets, resulting in market share saturation as well as the question of security. Windows 10’s popularity is yet to branch out to mobile devices, which is why this is opportune moment for Xiaomi to take advantage of its high market share and low-price business model. Unfortunately, this is all the information we have at this current time. When more details are exhumed, we will keep you in the loop.